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Decorating a girl’s room

When it comes to decorating a girls room it might seem easy but theres so many options out there that can make this process overwhelming. Creating a mood board is one of those things that should be done to help simplify the design options and its a way of seeing how all these options and colors can come together before compromising.

Most of the times wallpaper is part of mood boards since it’s used as a decoration element for spaces. Wallpaper can make a big decor statement and it can also help bring the overall design concept come together. Once the design concept is decided on as well as the wallpaper, all that’s left is adding other small decorations and details that bring everything together.  



This time the client went with a pink color for the princess of the house bedroom. The color pink symbolizes:





The influence of this color will be uplifting and nurturing to her which will make her feel calm and welcomed into her space.

This pearl blush butterfly from makes this space feel delicate, sweet, it’s ideal for a girl to feel safe in her own space. 





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