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Your favorite place in the world, in your Home

Many times, we like a place so much that we would like to live there all the time. In our minds we have cities, parks, monuments, bridges, lakes, and other places that identify us and tell part of our history. What would you think if I told you that you could capture these memories in your home? It’s an easy to do with a little paint, wallpaper, canvas, graphics, a mural and a little creativity.

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City, its construction was completed in 1883 after 14 years and the work of 600 workers. At the time of its inauguration, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. It is an emblem of 19th century engineering for its use of steel as a large-scale construction material, an unusual practice at the time of its manufacture.

The creator of this engineering masterpiece, Washington Roebling, was never able to see his work completed. His wife, Emily Warren, led the project to completion and is recognized as one of the country’s first and finest engineers.

This room was created to represent the person who inhabits it, hence, its name is reflected in the mural installed, Brooklyn. In order to take care of every detail in the room design, a color palette was defined to evoke the space, a photograph was chosen, and finally the wall to be covered with wallpaper was selected.

Colors such as gray, black, white, combine very well with a contrasting color such as the blue of the sofa and will make you feel cozy.

Decorative elements such as lamps, bedspreads, cushions, and a sofa, were prepared to print a personalized stamp on the room. You can choose the ones you like the most and identify with your personality.


Brooklyn is happy with the result because finally his favorite place in the world is in his room.


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