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Sound waves are vibrations that can be perceived by the human ear. Since they are mechanical waves, they require an elastic medium to be transmitted. This medium can be a solid, liquid or gaseous material, such as air. 

They are usually generated by oscillating bodies such as the vocal cords, the membrane of a loudspeaker, musical instruments, among others. When the vibrations arrive simultaneously and their frequencies have a certain correspondence, the impression of a pleasant and harmonic sound is generated; however, when the frequencies do not maintain any correspondence between them, the impression of noise is generated.


This is why, when listening to a polyphonic choir or watching a Broadway musical, we can enjoy the music, but, when we are in the middle of a traffic jam, we can get a headache because of all the noise generated.

While at some moments we may be ready to enjoy a symphony or a musical, at other times we simply want to shut out all noise and be quiet to rest, the question is, how to achieve this?

Whether we want to prevent sound from escaping a room or keep outside noise from entering, the answer we are looking for is soundproofing the space. There are multiple techniques, materials, and technologies to achieve this. In the following paragraphs we propose some solutions that our team of professionals has applied.


When we talk about the acoustic soundproofing of a space, we are looking for the reduction of the sound power between a specific sound source and the receiver.

One option for soundproofing consists of increasing the distance between the source and the receiver, the use of noise barriers to reflect or absorb the sound wave energy coming from the sound, the use of damping structures such as sound baffles, or the use of active sound absorbing generators.


Regarding sound baffles, an excellent option is the Beehive Rectangular panels by Johanson design, which, in addition to being highly functional, are aesthetic, sober and avant-garde, fitting perfectly into a creative space.

These panels provide a subtle and distinctive design touch. They have the possibility of adding a lot of color or simply forming neutral colored assemblies that can be combined with design complements such as lamps, chairs, tables, microphones, instruments, sofas, wallpaper, among others.

In addition to baffle panels, a technique known as “stretched fabric wall” provides an economical, durable, and highly customizable solution that changes the look of a room and soundproofs it.

The system comprises a series of rails on which the stretched fabric is mounted with clips, leaving the rails concealed. The soundproofing function is achieved with the core, which is usually made of a foam or other similar material, with varying densities that achieve different sound absorption rates.

This type of wall coverings can be an ideal solution for a radio studio, a boardroom, a recording studio, classrooms or simply to increase the comfort of each of our homes, ensuring the desired peace. For best results it would be advisable to implement acoustic windows.

In terms of soundproofing, considerable technological and technical advances have been observed, the great advantage is that design has not been left aside, allowing the customization of spaces with materials that provide surprising results and aesthetics.


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