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As soon as our client selected this wallcovering, several things came to mind, the first was to remember that a panoramic or landscape wallpaper, also known as scenic, will always be a good choice to give elegance and a personal touch to a room.
Specifically in relation to this wallpaper and possibly because of its pink color, the second thing that came to mind was the cherry blossom season in Japan.

The word sakura, meaning cherry blossom, comes from saku which means to bloom or to smile. Cherry blossoms are the symbolic flower of spring, the time of renewal and the transient nature of life. When the blossom opens, it gives the impression of a mouth opening and smiling.

Every year in springtime in Japan, people perform an activity called Hanami, which translates as “looking at the flowers”. This contemplative tradition seeks to exalt the wonder at the phenomena of nature. It is said that the characteristic pink color of cherry blossoms comes from the blood of samurai who had to practice seppuku. According to Japanese oral tradition, the characteristic pink color of cherry blossoms comes from the blood of samurai who fell in disgrace. When committing a serious breach of the code of ethics, they were to commit seppuku, a ritual act in which they took their own lives by removing their own organs from their abdomen.

According to legend, Sakura flowers were originally white, but were dyed pink when mixed with the blood of warriors at the foot of the trees. It is said that they chose these spots to take their own lives, so that they could have one last experience of beauty before dying by their own hand.
In this way, leaving a little aside the nostalgia that evokes the origin of the legend, the experience of nature’s beauty can be transferred to your room by making the right choice of a scenic wallpaper, giving it at the same time an artistic touch that only the combination of colors of a natural landscape can achieve.

Thus, a suitable combination of pastel colors between lilac and different types of pink will
highlight basic colors such as white for the bed, lamps or alternative furniture. All this in
combination with a warm light that illuminates your room will take you to practice the
ritual of Hanami in the springs of Japan, without leaving your room.

Our team of designers always emphasize the importance of comfort and the peace of mind that your home should generate, for this reason we always strive to provide comprehensive advice on the correct distribution of furniture spaces and colors, from the design concept.



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