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In the universe of interior design

In the world of interior design, wallpaper has been an essential tool for adding personality and style to any space. After the pandemic, this field has increasingly drawn interest from people who want to modify their spaces. 

Decoration trends align with the social, political, and cultural situation of the world, with the environment being one of the main protagonists.

In this sense, some specialized companies are trendsetters. From their origins, these companies are founded with the “pleasure of creating with hands,” which is why, despite their high degree of innovation and experimentation in creating new designs and applying new materials, the most important thing for them is the high quality of handmade work. 

Thus, a current trend like the use of wallpapers with botanical and floral patterns is gaining strength again, with conscious use of materials focused on sustainable and ecological processes. The designs can include bold and dramatic patterns in dark and vibrant tones, which are perfect for any space.

Another trend is the use of natural textures, such as stone or wood. Some companies in the market offer a variety of wallpaper options that mimic natural textures, including brick, concrete, and wood. However, some companies focus on offering products with real materials. Whether artificial or real, these textures bring a sense of rusticity and nature to the space, fitting well with the curved and organic shapes of the decorative objects that can be used as complements.

Geometric patterns are another popular trend, where designs include geometries ranging from simple patterns to much more complex designs. Geometric patterns can be an effective way to add dimension to any space, especially those with a minimalist and modern approach. 

As for colors, pastel and soft tones are a popular trend. Options include a whole range of neutral and warm tones that are perfect for creating a calm and relaxing environment in any home. These tones are also ideal for children’s rooms, as they provide a cozy and peaceful atmosphere for kids.

On the other hand, the use of metallic and shiny tones has also set a trend, and in this regard, some companies are leaders, with collections like “Crushed Metal,” which present a subtle illusion of texture with patches of metallic leaves that catch the light. Whether in cool silver or warm gold, this luxurious wall covering feels sumptuous yet comfortable. Metallic-tone wallpapers add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. They can be ideal for living rooms and dining rooms, bringing a refined and elegant touch to the space.

 Finally, abstract and artistic patterns are trending, offering unique and creative designs. These patterns can be ideal for any space that needs an artistic and innovative dimension, such as art galleries or design studios.

In this way, it is evident that interior design is not immune to the world’s social moment, which has allowed a return to simplicity, where materials, textures, and nature gain strength, seeking a sustainable impact over time for the decorations and products used. Some companies, with their innovation processes and quality work, are leaders in all aspects. 

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