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Golf is a sport whose objective is to get a ball into multiple holes with as few strokes as possible. It is characterized as a sport of patience, precision and cunning to choose the right club for each shot.

It is well known that, to achieve a perfect swing, golfers must coordinate 124 muscles at the same time, however, despite the effort involved, great players only leave the ball where they want it 3% of the time.


Players not only coordinate their muscles, but also control their emotions to overcome anxiety and frustration, and thus improve the next shot.

Relationships and bonds between players are vital, some of the most important business deals have been sealed in a golf match, on the course you meet the gentlemen. Because of this, the courses and clubs where golf is played are becoming more and more luxurious and elegant, to satisfy the requirements of their visitors.

Courses worth visiting can be found all over the world and one of them is located on an island in New York. The design of this course stands out for transmitting the passion and distinctiveness of the sport itself and those who practice it.

The decoration of a golf course is a decision as important as the correct selection of a specific club when it comes to making a new shot.

Adelphi Paper Hangings is incomparable when it comes to distinction. It is a traditionally printed wallpaper, printed on woodblocks while remaining true to the methods and materials originally used, allowing the production of wall coverings with the same character and spirit of their origins.

This room was created to represent the person who inhabits it, hence, its name is reflected in the mural installed, All aspects of the product, from paper types and paint composition to printing methods, are carefully replicated and documented in order to preserve this tradition.


Particularly the Adena Pin Ring pattern offers a simple geometry characterized by elegance of form, without unnecessary additions or embellishments, pleasing in appearance, well made and proportioned.

This is why, the final result is so charming and makes us think that in matters of decoration it is a “hole in one” for sure.


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