Top five benefits of using wallpapers for walls

When you are looking for the right decoration, wallpaper it’s a perfect option to highlight all or some specific areas. This element, it’s a good option that you should consider when painting or remodeling and the extra benefits it has.

Correct use of wallpaper for walls can offer a wide range of sophisticated creations to your home or office, but you need to know how to use properly, so it does not look cluttered or old-fashioned. It can have a significative impact while saving time and money.

Walls are the soul of your home or office, create a feeling which goes beyond a basic decoration in a room. For example, white does not reveal any emotion and leaves empty spaces to fill, a plain color can be boring or not generate the sensation that we want to provide our guests or ourselves.

Whatever the reason is you choose to start decorating the walls and potentiate your spaces, you must know the benefits and reasons for choosing wallpaper. So, below we describe the main benefits of using wallpaper. These can help you make the right decision.

1. Cleaning:

This is one of the most significant reasons why you should choose wallpaper. Wallpaper is easy to clean, you will only need a sponge and soap, this won’t affect the quality or color, overly washing can affect the external paint and you will need to give a hand sporadically to keep the initial job. It’s ideal for those who do not have a lot of time to clean or for areas that are exposed to being splashed by liquids. There are materials that are water resistant, making it easy to clean without affecting the wall.

2. Durability:

You do not have to change the wallpaper again in a couple of years unless you want to. Generally, it can last more than 15 years, that is more than any paint. Before choosing a wallpaper keep in mind that wallpapers made of vinyl are very durable. Some wallpapers can be easy to remove without damaging the wall, unlike others where you will need a professional to remove and paint again

3. Price:

The prices can vary depending on the style, the material and the total quantity in sq. ft needed. Some prices can be higher but keep in mind that you will not need a retouch on your walls for a long period, which means saving money and time in the long run

4. Style:

The fun part “Selecting”.  There are hundreds of options to pick from, but first, you need to know what kind of impression you want to generate in the specific space. If it’s for an office, you may want to match with the main colors of the company to make an impact at the entrance for the customers and partners. Furthermore, this can be useful to improve the creative, concentration and synergy of the employees.

If you decide to have it installed at home here are some spaces where it can be installed: living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. The idea is to have some spaces displaying wallpaper with graphic patterns and other spaces with a neutral color to avoid visual overload.

The goal is that you can transform the atmosphere of any space with different type of colors, textures, tones, and forms. Additionally, you can add a touch of your personality, since you can choose between unique designs, classics or your own creations.

Bonus tip, besides protecting, wallpaper hides imperfections on walls that are difficult to hide only with paint

5. Installation:

For the installation, there’s no need to cover the furniture like when you use paint, just have to make sure that the wall is clean

After acknowledging the main qualities and benefits, take advantage and analyze how you will transform your ordinary place into a genuine space displaying your personal brand. Take control and make your walls a wonderful canvas.

Let’s try it!